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With Rigo’s Meal, your Dog will be healthier and happier in weeks. A Shinier coat, A better mood, high energy levels, smaller and firmer stools, and fewer trips to the Vet.

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Hello! I’m DogChef Mayi, the mother of Rigoberto (Rigo), the French bulldog who served as an inspiration to produce and market this fantastic diet. Rigo kept having numerous health problems: lack of appetite, skin allergies, and excessive shedding. That’s when I found out about raw pet food and its benefits. I decided to prepare Rigo’s Meal home with fresh meat and vegetables. In about three weeks, I noticed a dramatic positive difference in Rigoberto’s mood and energy levels. His coat was shinier, and his health significantly improved. Now I want all the Dogs in the world to be as healthy and happy! Please help me achieve my goal!

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