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Make your Dog’s live healthier starting today ordering a Rigo's Meal Starter Kit. It includes 4 bags of Dog food, one of each of the 4 flavors, beef, turkey, chicken and lamb, see which meat flavor your dog likes best!

Our delicious, fresh and natural healthy Raw Food for Dogs is a great way to improve your dogs’ diet, offering a great source of low-calorie lean protein. It also contains fruits and vegetables to provide a generous dose of vitamins and minerals, and a great source of fiber to aid fast absorbing digestion. All vitamins and minerals come from whole foods with no fillers like grain or potato.

There are no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors in our products. Our recipes have a balanced blend of quality human-grade ingredients that support the Dog’s immune system.

50% off Rigo's Meal Starters Kit. Only $ 39 (regular price $78)

Includes Free Delivery, an introductory class to raw food and 15% Off your next order! This offer is available only to first time Clients only.

With the Rigo’s Meal Starter Kit you will get:
1 Bag Turkey (2.39lb)
1 Bag Beef (2.39lb)
1 Bag Chicken (2.39lb)
1 Bag Lamb (2.39lb)
Personal one-time Training over the phone
Free delivery
15% off on your next order