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- Better mood and a high energy level.
- Better quality of life.
- It naturally improves your dog’s dental health.
- Reduces Allergens.
- Smaller Stools.
- Better health and wellness means less trips to the Vet.
- Better weight control.

Commercial dog food is not real food: It’s made with preservatives, additives and low quality ingredients like meat not fit for human consumption. It contains high volumes of carbohydrates that dogs can’t digest.

You should feed daily the equivalent amount of 3 % of your dog’s ideal body weight for a moderately active dog. This just and estimate. Factors such as age, health, metabolism and activity can raise or lower the feeding of your dog. We recommend you monitor your dog’s dietary needs and adjust the feeding quantities accordingly. Please use the table and the end of this page for reference.

It's simple. You must take the daily portion out of the freezer the day before and let it thaw in the refrigerator.
Once it's partially defrosted, you can serve the food cold. Do not use microwave or hot water to defrost.
Once defrosted keep food refrigerated and use within 2 days maximum.
Discard leftovers and clean the serving plate thoroughly for future use.

We use a variety of human food grade ingredients that come from local vendors whenever possible: Grade A Beef and Turkey, Beef Heart, Various Organs, Carrots, Zucchini, Broccoli, Mixed leafy greens (kale, collards) and Apple. 85% of Rigo's Meal is fresh meat and 15% vegetables and fruits.
We publish ALL of our ingredients in our labels. All of Rigo’s Meal diets are made with first-class local ingredients. Rigo's Meal is grain free and gluten free. Contains no salt, no chemicals and no preservatives.

It is! Dogs are natural hunters. They are designed to eat raw meat. Although raw meat has a higher risk for Salmonella and E. coli your dog has a digestive system specially designed to process bacteria. But we do recommend using common sense and good food handling practices when dealing with raw meat. Wash your hands after handling. All common sense rules about handling raw meat should apply. Consult with your vet to make sure your pet is in good health before changing to a raw pet food diet.

Raw food rookie dogs should switch gradually from dry to raw, mix both foods for 3 days. Increase raw portion daily.
1st day: 20%raw/80%dry.
2nd day: 40%raw/60%dry.
3rd day: 60%raw/40%dry.
4th day: 80%raw/20%dry.
5th day: 100%raw.
Most dogs make the transition smoothly and problem free. Any problem? please consult your vet.

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- Miami-Dade County Florida: Aventura, Brickell, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Doral, Pinecrest, Kendall, South Miami, Miami Lakes and North Miami. Within 3 days from order Monday to Friday . 

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Please get in touch with us if you need delivery to other cities.

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