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Starter Kit

It includes 2 bags of Dog food with all our available protein recipes.
One Bag of Beef and Turkey (Cookable), and One Bag of Variety Bag
see which recipe flavor your dog likes best!

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Why Rigo’s meal
is good for your Dog?

With Rigo’s Meal, your Dog will be healthier and happier in weeks. A Shinier coat, A better mood, high energy levels, smaller and firmer stools, and fewer trips to the Vet.

Made with LOVE❤️

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Starter Kit Sample (2 Bags - 50% off)


What our customers think

I’ve known Rigos for about 5 years now and I’ve been recommending it since then. I just got puppies and they couldn’t be happier about their meals! They’re always excited at feeding time, they eat it all and with this new packaging the food feels even more fresh! I’m finishing the migration and definitely my dogs are already eating healthier than me.
Samuel Rengifo
I have seen amazing results with my dog, he is a senior dog and is moving around with much more energy. The new package of the food let’s me fit way more into my freezer & the chef and staff there are so friendly and always working so hard to keep my dogs healthy & happy. I feel really good about supporting a local small business and I urge everyone to give Rigos Meal a try for their dog family. ❤️
Complex Gaming
We decided to try Rigo’s meal for my 2 frenchies that had been battling digestive problems and allergies. I had tried numerous dry dog foods specifically formulate for this and that and nothing worked! Ever since they started eating Rigo’s, they no longer Show signs of allergies and their poop is perfect!!!! Thank you Rigo’s Meal for the delicious raw food! The dogs just LOVE it!!!
Penelope Reingowsky