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Long live your Dog!

Owning a Dog can make you happier and grateful. That's why you love your Dog! But as awesome as Dogs are, they are vulnerable. According to science, Dogs don't live that long, not as long as they should. They're dying young. Studies show that diabetes in Dogs is up 900%. Obesity is up 60%. And worse, one in two Dogs is diagnosed with Cancer!

In 1970 Dogs' life expectancy was 17 years. In 2016 life expectancy for a Dog is down to 11 years. 6 fewer years! Obviously, we all want our dogs to live longer, at least 15 years. The most important factor that helps to extend your Dog's lifespan is Diet. 30 to 40% of Canine cancers could be prevented with dietary changes, studies shows.

Your Dog lives longer, eating better! Why? Because a healthy diet will boost its immune system! Eating fresh, natural, raw meat and vegetables make your Dog's digestion easier, delivering nutrients faster to their blood and organs. It makes sense!

If your dog eats a diet based on highly processed dry or canned food, switching him to a better diet forever will make him live longer.

The secret to making your Dog live longer?
Change your Dog's Diet.

Make your Dog an EVERLASTING DOG in 2 easy steps!

Make your Dog live longer starting today!

Make your Dog live longer starting today by taking a Rigo's Meal Starter Kit home with you. It includes 4 packs of fresh food, one of each of our 4 recipes, beef, turkey, chicken and lamb, see which meat flavor your dog likes best!

TextIncludes Free Delivery, an introductory class to raw food and 15% Off your next order! This offer is available only at rigosmeal.com and to new Clients only.

Rigo's Meal is the best local, artisan, locally sourced, handcrafted raw dog food diet available in Florida. Rigo's Meal is FDA approved and provides vitamins, minerals, and essential proteins that will make your Dog live longer. This fantastic raw dog food makes doggies healthier and helps cure some ailments like skin irritation, kidney stones, and allergies. Rigo's Meal is 100% preservative and chemicals free.

I'm Mayi, your dog's Chef and CO-Founder of Rigo's Meal. My Food will make your Dog live longer.

Any questions? You need advice? Give us a call at 754-215.6245 right away, and we'll clarify any doubt you may have.

Transition your Dog to
a healthier life in 3 easy steps!

We recommend you transition your Dog from its current food to Rigo’s Meal gradually. Mix both foods for 3 days. Increase raw portion daily
Most dogs make the transition smoothly and problem free. Sometimes your Dog will start eating Rigo’s Meal and leave his old food alone on day 1. If this happens, great news! He’s transitioned!

Any problems? please visit the FAQ and the Why/What/How sections at the Rigo’s Meal web page rigosmeal.com or chat or call us at 305-359.3686

Find out the daily portion your Dog needs!